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  • Coronavirus Information
    Information received from the Department of Education.The government is closely monitoring the spread of the Coronavirus.The overall risk to the UK remains moderate. For the latest information & advice please visit
  • Holocaust Memorial Day
    5 years ago a tree was planted to mark Holocaust Memorial Day. On Monday 27th January, 2020 we gathered at the tree to remember the millions of victims of the atrocity. Now more than 3 metres tall, the tree is measured as part of the annual ceremony.
  • Shrewsbury Food Bank Donations - Update
    The Food Bank have sent a letter of thanks for all your generous donations of Christmas food and related items during the Christmas season. This year’s Christmas Hamper campaign fed; 159 Households (221 Adults and 274 Children).
  • Australian Bushfires Charities Fundraisng - Update
    On 17th January children were able to come to school in their own clothes with the option of bringing a board game. Also some of our KS1 children baked biscuits and held a cake sale after school on 22nd January. Both events raised a fantastic £403.40!
  • Primary Schools' Shrewsbury Half Marathon
    Our school entries for this year’s Primary School’s Half Marathon are now closed. Due to the high levels of interest we have been able to secure 100 places! Children who have been successful will complete their 12miles during their class daily run.  
  • 'Non-Uniform' Day & Cake Sale for 'The Children's Society' - Update
    'Thank you' to everyone who took part and donated on Friday 20th December, 2019, a fantastic £382.71 has been raised for The Children's Society.
  • 'Non-Uniform' Day for Australian Bushfires Charities
    On Friday 17th January, 2020 children can come to school in casual clothes for a minimum donation of £1 per child. If your child does not wish to take part or you do not wish to donate, please ensure your child wears full school uniform.
  • Poppy Appeal 2019 - Update
    'Thank you' to everyone who donated. An amazing £321.06 has been raised for the British Legion Poppy Appeal. The charity have thanked you all for this generous amount and said we raised the second highest amount of schools in the area.
  • Come Festive Day! - Friday 13th December, 2019
    To coincide with our school Christmas Dinner and the PTA`Funtastic Festive Event’, children can to come to school wearing a festive jumper, if they wish. The jumper will replace their school jumper, all other clothing should remain school uniform.
  • Cake Sale for 'The Children's Society'
    We are having a cake sale for the whole school on Friday 20th December, 2019 for 'The Children's Society'. Children can purchase cakes for a minimum donation of 20p per cake. We are also asking for donations of cakes & biscuits for the sale.
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